photo CaptureNux2013-05-24113445_zps1444d042.jpg

 photo 182911_10200628283622306_1953895630_n_zps87f149e9.jpgRisma-Bogor

 photo 479731_10200628278662182_527721019_n_zpsab86a479.jpgRita-Lampung

 photo 947036_10200607966554392_1567691933_n_zpsd16b8e48.jpgMelita-Jambi

 photo 943431_10200616743213803_1404066966_n_zpsb137d13a.jpg

 photo 943434_10200600161919281_1081439076_n_zps35003a2d.jpg

 photo 946768_10200600162999308_585865342_n_zpsb697f53c.jpg

 photo 431958_10200638731203489_1133449863_n_zps92a4b99f.jpg


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